The Most Effective Marketing Tool For Medical Spas

Graydon | July 27, 2020
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 No one cares about what YOU say about your business...


They don’t care about your list of qualifications, your 47.5 page website on it’s third rebuild, or even your painstakingly crafted but admittedly beautiful Instagram grid.


The only thing people care about is the experience they’re after…


… and their fastest shortcut to determine if YOU can deliver that experience is what OTHER people say.


Think of it - the amount of information available on the internet is increasing exponentially while our capacity to process it remains the same.


There’s too much “content” out there for us to make sense of it all, so naturally, we look for shortcuts in order to bypass the decision-making process.


This is why the best patients come from referrals…


Referred patients don’t find reasons to say no because they’ve already made up their mind.


They say yes, because saying "no" means having to find another provider and make more decisions.


So, the question becomes: how do you reproduce the “referral effect” on a mass scale?


Step 1: Overdeliver and wow patients as much as possible

Step 2: Have patients share their experience on the internet


Yes, this means collecting Google reviews, but you’ve already heard that a million times.


Every provider now has an “automated review collection system”, and so now even Google reviews are becoming commoditized...


Everyone having great reviews is the same as everyone having no reviews.

Your perceived social value is only relative to the value of others.


What does a potential patient do if the top 3 medical spas already have tons of five-star Google reviews?


She looks for more social proof…


She scours the internet scanning for a smidgen of info that either disqualifies you or sets you apart from the rest.


And it’s NOT your logo, website layout, latest blog, or instagram aesthetic!


She’s looking for the closest thing to a trusted friend telling her to “Go here, Dr X is the best in town and the only one I trust with my face.”


So, what is that “closest thing”?


Video testimonials. 


They’re hands down the most powerful tool to build trust and attract new patients.


NO ONE has them though, because they’re afraid patients won’t give them - so they don’t ask.


This is the very reason you should be aggressively collecting them. ONE video will make you stand out more than all your social media posts combined.


Of course, many patients won’t want to give them, but some will. There’s no harm in asking.


So, I challenge you for the next 30 days to stop worrying about posting the same content that everyone else is and start collecting video testimonials.


You don’t need fancy equipment. Your phone is fine.


Put your phone on a tripod, sit next to your phone, then ask your patient the 3 questions below. 


(Don’t have them look into the camera, but instead look at you like they’re having a normal conversation.)


  1. What was your experience before coming to us?
  2. What was your experience after coming to us?
  3. What would you say to someone considering coming to us?


You don’t need to stick to this script entirely, and can probe deeper if your patient hits a nerve that you feel would resonate with your audience.


When the video is done, cut out the bloopers then submit to a service like


They’ll add captions and turn it into a “meme” style video so it’s easily consumed by people scrolling on their feeds.


Post it up, then repeat!


If you want some examples, go to my website and scroll down until you see the videos.


When I ask new clients why they booked a call with me, it’s often because they watched the videos, made a connection with one of the medical spa owners I interviewed, and then trusted their recommendation to go with me.


Your patients are no different. They’re looking for that trust and this is the best way to deliver it at scale.


Happy filming ;)



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