The Hidden Secret To (Long Term) Facebook Ad Success

Graydon Ursel | March 26, 2019
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Facebook ads - everyone’s talking about them but few of the clinic owners I speak with have figured out how to make them really work...

Usually they:

- Have tried Facebook ads but the response wasn’t good enough to continue

- Have generated leads through Facebook but the leads just “sat there”, and didn’t really turn into bookings...

- Have had people come in through Facebook but most of them were tire kickers...

If you can relate to these scenarios, you might be interested in today’s video titled: “The Hidden Secret To (Long Term) Facebook Ad Success”

Here’s what we cover:

- Why the Facebook “Ad” itself is the smallest piece of the puzzle and NOT what will differentiate yourself from competitors…

- Why most leads generated through Facebook won’t buy right away, no-matter how aggressively you follow up

- The 4 levels of campaign sophistication, and how to tell where your Facebook campaigns are currently at

Thanks for watching!

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