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Graydon Ursel | August 17, 2021
Client Interview

Kevin & Fides opened their med spa in late June and were starting from absolute ZERO.

No reputation and no client base in a very competitive market.

They hired us on and in under two months they have closed over $37,000 from our campaigns alone.

Check out the full-length interview here.

Here’s what Kevin & Fides love our service:

- It WORKS. They had appointments on their books and packages sold within DAYS (not weeks or months.)

- We had a very specific plan of action. Since we specialize in med spas we know exactly what works. Pure results with no guessing.

-  Our process for closing new patients makes package sales much more natural. You can check out that specific part of the interview by clicking here.

- How we follow up with all their leads FOR THEM via our Patient Concierge service. They were NOT expecting this and it turned out to be the biggest value-add.T

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