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Graydon Ursel | July 13, 2021
Client Interview

I recently sat down with Dr. Matthew of Signature Wellness in Charlotte NC.

Dr. Matthew is widely known as America’s Happy Hormones Doctor and has been featured in over 60 appearances on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX. 

We recently started working with her to promote the aesthetics side of her practice and the results have been AMAZING.

Here’s what Dr. Matthew likes about our service:

  • How EASY it was for her staff. (This is key. If you give your staff a marketing system that is too hard to implement, it won’t be sustainable in the long-term.)
  • How she didn’t have to come up with the offers. Dr Matthew was a bit burnt out when it came to creating promotions, so she found it super helpful for us to come in and help her construct her packages.
  • How we “talk the walk”. Turns out we brought Dr Matthew on as a client using the exact same strategy we used to get her new clients.


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