Review - Polished Spa

Graydon Ursel | March 17, 2021
Client Interview

Last week I interviewed Stacie Sheely - the owner of Polished Spa in Lemoyne PA.

When she signed up with us she was having trouble getting her staff to consistently close complete aesthetic packages.

A lot of clinics have this problem. 

Stacie felt her staff we’re just “doing their own thing”, selling one-off treatments here and there, with no system to make sure packages were being presented on a regular basis.

So the first thing we did was put together a SIMPLE package that was super easy to sell.

We then texted Stacie’s database of 900 clients with the package offer and she closed $13,018 in just a few weeks.

The best part was it took VERY little work to make those sales. We did most of the selling through text and they just had to collect payment over the phone.

Thanks for watching!

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