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Graydon Ursel | Sept 17, 2021
Client Interview

Following up with aesthetic leads & inquiries is HARD.

You call ‘em, they don’t answer...

You text ‘em, they ghost...

You finally get them on the phone, and... “wait, who are you and WHY are you calling me??

If you or your staff have done follow-up for any amount of time you know how much it beats a person down.

… And it’s only going to get WORSE.

As competition increases and attention spans decrease, consumers are becoming FLAKIER by the day…

That’s why today’s top med spas are aggressive with their lead follow-up - so much so that they give prospects no choice but to lock down an appointment with them.

(Btw, this isn’t being “pushy” either. Great follow-up is synonymous with great customer experience. People are busy. They want YOU to remember to contact THEM, not the other way around.)

Here’s what today’s smartest med spas are doing to SOLVE their follow-up problems:

Step 1: They stop doing it themselves. 

Step 2: They get us to do it for them.

That’s right. We have a service called the Patient Concierge where we have real people texting your leads all day to get them booked.

Essentially, we take the grunt work out of follow-up, weeding out tire kickers so you don’t have to!

We then take the ones that are TRULY interested and get them booked in.

Works like magic.

Check out this interview with D-Derm Med Spa of Burlington Ontario.

They closed an additional $28,087 in under 2 months working with us and that’s not even what they’re excited about...

I interviewed Amal (their front desk queen), and she’s just ECSTATIC that she doesn’t have to chase down leads anymore.

After you watch the video you’ll discover that D-Derm is making more money with less work. Not a bad combo.

Thanks for watching!

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