Review - Artisan Aesthetics & Wellness

Graydon Ursel | March 2, 2022
Client Interview

Just got off a call with Phil Shafer from Artisan Aesthetics & Wellness in Phoenix Arizona.

He has 3 locations and we started working with one of them 6 months ago.

He’s since taken that location from $60K/m to $103K/m.

Way to go Phil. 👊👊

Here’s the thing though…

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Growth is pain, and Phil went through a lot of it…

The flood of appointments forced him to fire staff who weren’t “on board” with the growth.

He also had to rebuild his processes to support the increased volume.

Worth it though because he now has a 7-figure process AND team that is ambitious as he is. 💯💯

Thanks for watching!

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