[RESULTS] From Skeptic To Believer

Graydon Ursel | June 13, 2019
Client Interview

2 years ago, Lisa became the owner of the family practice she was working at and transitioned it into a full-time aesthetics clinic.

For her, the hardest part of this transition was generating new patients.

With a family practice, there’s no shortage of new business and marketing isn’t an issue...

… But an aesthetic practice is totally different and you need to actively generate new patients in order to grow.

Frankly, Lisa was sceptical about digital marketing and didn’t want much to do with it.

But she gave us a try and now 6 months later, she has a steady stream of new patients and can focus on what she does best - serving patients at the absolute highest level!

See what she has to say about working with us in this video.

Thanks for watching!

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