[Results] $24K/year Added Recurring Revenue In 48 Hours

Graydon Ursel | March 16th, 2019

In my new case study video, I talk about “quick wins”, and how I create results for my clients immediately, before spending money on advertising...

Often marketing agencies just want to spend your money on ads right away, not realizing most clinics have the potential for immediately increased revenues using the assets they already have.

These quick wins can happen in a number of ways, from improving lead followup, to optimizing a website for conversions, to reactivating a database of patients with a well thought out offer.

The problem is, identifying and exploiting quick wins yourself is hard. Sometimes it’s just easier to have someone from outside come in with a proven strategy.

In Dr. Mariette Steyn’s case, she has an awesome membership program in her clinic where patients invest $200/m in exchange for VIP status and credit towards discounted procedures. Smart!

Membership programs are the Holy Grail when it comes to creating a practice with stable and predictable cash flow, so the first thing we did for Dr. Steyn was write a sales letter to get more patients into her program.

We then reached out to her existing patients who weren’t in the program and directed them to a stand-alone sales page, NOT her website. If you’re trying to sell something specific, don’t send people to your website. There are too many distractions that will cause your prospects to get confused, lose interest, and click away.

On the sales page, we included a text-in number so patients could message the clinic if they were interested, or had questions. We also provided Dr. Steyn with special followup software so she could properly manage incoming inquiries and ensure no one fell through the cracks.

The result? 10 new members signed up in 48 hours resulting in a $24,000 increase to her annualized membership revenue. Not a dime spent on ads.

Plus, she now has a new sales page and followup system to better funnel existing patients into her membership program.

You may have a similar scenario playing out in your clinic - you do great work and have all the raw ingredients to increase your revenue. It’s just a matter of better communicating the value you already provide.

The next step with Dr. Steyn is to improve her followup so she can convert more incoming leads from her website. After that’s dialled in, we’re going to launch a campaign to bring in new patients for injectables.

She has been terrific to work with! Here's what she has to say about working with us...

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