[RESULTS] 13 Aesthetic Appointments In 4 hours

Graydon Ursel | June 26th, 2019
Case Study

Summer is here and this means you’re probably starting to see a lot more white space on the calendar than usual…

Are you ok with this?

Maybe you close down your clinic for part of the summer so it’s not a big deal...

But if you like to be BUSY during the summer so you can take a stress-free vacation and be fully booked when you get back, I have something for you….

We’ve been getting amazing results using text messages to “reactivate” patient databases and get our clients’ calendars fully booked without having to advertise.

Email open rates are horrendous these days, so if you want to reach a higher percentage of your patients and book more appts, text message is the way to go.

Just yesterday we sent 100 texts messages to one of our client’s databases and booked 13 appts within 4 hours.

That’s a 13% *booking* rate. You’ll be lucky if you can get a 13% OPEN rate with your email campaigns…

We still have 900 more texts to send out, so to be conservative, we’re expecting 100 booked appointments by the time everything is said and done.

Try getting that with email...

Would you like to be fully booked this summer? We might be able to help.

This system is PERFECT for you if...

- You have a database of 500 or more with mobile numbers
- You have summer-friendly treatment to offer
- You’re tired of low email open rates
- You have a busy receptionist who could use a hand with booking appts

Feel like this could help you?

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