New Client Appointments For $5

Graydon Ursel | May 31, 2019
Case Study

What if there was a magical slot machine that spit out $100 for every $5 that you put in?

There is… it’s called advertising!

… But it’s only possible when you have a proven system in place to predictably turn your advertising dollars into new clients...

When this is set up, booking more appointments simply becomes a matter “putting your foot on the gas” by investing more money into your advertising machine.

Want to see how such a system works? Watch this video to find out…

Here’s what we cover in this case study video...

- How we turn $5 into $100 with predictable advertising
- How we effectively follow up with leads WITHOUT hounding staff to call them
- The simple and effective software tool our clients are using to fully book their calendars with new patient appointments…

Thanks for watching!

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