How To Find Your Dream Patients

Graydon Ursel | May 30, 2020
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I just finished reading this book called “Traffic Secrets” by Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson is an internet marketing legend and founder of Clickfunnels - a software platform that helps entrepreneurs sell their stuff online through “marketing funnels”...

… And this new book teaches you how to generate as much “traffic”, or “eyeballs” to those funnels as possible.

I love this book because it’s focused on PRINCIPLES, instead of trendy tactics that become outdated in a few months or even weeks.

One of these principles is the concept of the “Dream 100”  - an exercise to determine where your dream customers are hiding and how to reach them.

This makes total sense, as the first step in generating traffic to your business is figuring out where those people are hanging out in the first place.

Once you figure out where you dream customers are hiding, you can figure out how to get in front of those people, both indirectly and directly.

I believe creating a Dream 100 list is so important for your Medical Spa that I created a spreadsheet you can use to start building it.

Check out this video for an explanation of the spreadsheet.

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