How To Create [Effective] Medical Aesthetic Offers

Graydon Ursel | April 5th, 2019
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What’s the most basic component of doing business?

The offer.

I'll give you this, in exchange for that.

It’s really that simple. Without an offer, nothing happens.

And without a great offer, nothing good happens...

In fact, I would say that crappy offers are the #1 reason marketing efforts fail...

… And there are a LOT of crappy offers. The worst part is, most people don’t put much time into creating offers and simply copy what others are doing. Since most offers out there aren’t very good, this creates a self-perpetuating cycle of bad offers.

So how do you come up with a great offer?

IGNORE what everyone else is doing and watch today’s video titled “How To Create [Effective] Medical Aesthetic Offers”

This video walks through a 3-step framework for creating unique, compelling, and well-thought-out offers that don’t suck.

Here’s what we cover:

- What qualifies me to speak on this topic - foundational marketing principles applied to the real-world through my clients' clinics

- The three steps to creating effective offers: 1 - find a high ROI treatment (not what you think), 2 - maximize value of treatment, and 3 - offer more

- How to make your offer “irresistible” and a no-brainer for prospective patients considering treatment

- The best method to transition new patients from introductory treatments to high-ticket procedures and packages (this took years to figure out)

Remember, if your offers are bad, no amount of smoke & mirrors or savvy sales finesse will make up for it. Bad offers will make everything else you do that much harder.

So if you’re tired of your marketing efforts falling flat or producing just “ok” results, it may be because your offers could be improved. Here's the solution.

Thanks for watching!

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