Forever Booked Testimonial - Jonathan's Results

Graydon Ursel | November 1, 2019
Client Interview

Today I wanted to share some results from my first month working with Jonathan at Perfected Body Laser Med Spa.

We’ve spent $730.49 on Facebook Ads and he’s already closed $12,444.25 in body sculpting sales from NEW patients.

That’s a 17X Return On Ad Spend. Not bad. 😏

It wasn’t a “home run” right off the bat though…

We had to test out a few different campaigns and offers until we found out what would work in HIS marketplace.

Yes, despite our best efforts, sometimes our campaigns fall flat (as they should..)

The important thing is to continue to test until we find the winning formula for our client's unique situation.

And since John stuck with us and trusted the system, he now has a steady stream of new body sculpting appointments showing up in his calendar every day.

See what he has to say in this video…

Have you not been able to “crack the code” of patient acquisition and want US to discover what will work in your marketplace?

Happy to talk to you about it and see if this is something we can assist you with.

Just head over to to book a time in my calendar. 

On the call we’ll chat about where you are now, where you want to go, and if in fact we’re the ones who can help you get there.

I’m very forthcoming on these calls and will only want to work together if I’m confident we can get you results. If not, then at the very least you’ll walk away with some of the best strategies we’re currently using to fill up our clients’ calendars.

Book a call here:

Talk soon!


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