Aesthetic Appts DOUBLED In One Month

Graydon Ursel | July 26, 2019
Client Interview

When Tony came to us, he was frustrated with the painfully low open rates of email marketing.

He was trying to reach his customers, but his emails barely made it past the spam folder...

Sound familiar?

Well, In ANY business your list of customers is one of your most valuable assets, so not being able to reach them is a huge problem!

The solution was to “reactivate” those patients using our proven database reactivation and appointment booking system.

This resulted in him DOUBLING his appointments in one month (without spending money on ads).

Some things Tony likes about our program:

- Super low learning curve
- Immediate and BIG results
- Takes work off busy staff
- Patients love the system too (explanation in video)

Did you have a list of patients/prospects but don’t know how to reach them?

How would you like to have someone generating appointments for you in the background while you focus on building your clinic?

If you want to make this month your biggest month ever, visit the link below to jump on a call with us and see if we can make that happen.

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